Tim Pilleri

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After an intimate dinner, April accepts her boyfriend's marriage proposal. She is in heaven before blacking out and waking up trapped in a device that Derrick has built for her. Derrick loves April so much that he can't help but touch her heart.

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A grief-stricken brother and sister throw an illegal party on a beautiful mini-golf course; only to have it crashed in violent and comedic fashion by the town legend - a supernatural killer known as the BOgeyman. He's 1 over par...you're 6 underground.

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Matt Lyden has the perfect girlfriend, a beautiful garden, and a sleepwalking problem. He soon realizes he is the serial killer that has been terrorizing the city of Milwaukee, and that he has been committing these horrible acts while asleep. Now Matt must stop himself from dozing off and killing again.

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Panman - the hit horror/comedy sold worldwide

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