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  • 11 Days is available in paperback or for 'Kindle'

    11 days

    Do you feel a connection to the number 11? Have you ever found certain patterns in your life that seemed to be telling you something? Could you ever in your wildest dreams find a connection between Santa Claus and actor Michael Madsen?

    Meet the post-modern drifter, Jake Noble. He is a quirky twenty-something in the midst of a serious depression and finds himself faced with uncertainty and insomnia. While fighting through his depression, Jake notices every day connections that are just too uncanny to be coincidences. After investigating these synchronicities, Jake believes he is being led by a force greater than himself all the way from the shores of Boston to the concrete jungle of Los Angeles - then on to the majestic state of Alaska, by land, sea, and air. But the problem is he doesn't know if his sanity is slipping, or if there's something larger directing him.

    "11 Days" deals with the timeless question of what it all means, with plenty of sarcasm and vigor. Get inspired along with Jake Noble as he travels in search of his personal destiny and opens himself up to all the experiences and dangers along the way.


    Follow-up novel coming in 2015